Sportpesa Jackpot: Predictions, Games, Bonus & More

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The sportpesa jackpot is definitely not easy to win but you can with a little bit of luck. You need to get your predictions right for all the games for you to be guaranteed of the jackpot which is millions of shillings.

There is also the bonus to be won if you get more than 10 correct results. I’m not sure though the bonus amount. I heard it changes every week.

Before you can play the sport pesa jackpot you must have registered with them.

How does winning the jackpot work?

Winning the jackpot is no easy walk in the park. Making random predictions is 99% less likely to work and we definitely don’t recommend doing that.

Each week sportpesa sets 13 jackpot games that you need to correctly predict. If you are the only winner (for the games of that particular weekend), you will walk away with the full jackpot amount. If a number of people win, the money will be shared equally.

Making your predictions

Your chances of getting all your predictions right are very very very slim but nothing should stop you trying to win the money if you are ready to loose money.

Can you rely on the predictions made by the football “gurus” out there? Absolutely not. Remember, they are human beings like you and you should not assume all their predictions are right.

You need to do a lot of research before placing a prediction for each of the 13 games. Doing research for each of the matches would take you some time and you should be prepared for that. You need to sacrifice some time for you to make good predictions and stand a chance of winning

Here are the things you need to consider to arrive at a conclusion on which way the game would go.

  • Team form. How has the team fared in each of its last few matches? If it’s on a loosing streak, chances are that it will loose.
  • Home/away form. You also need to analyze the home/away form of the team.
  • History. History is there to be broken and it will surely be broken one day but it plays a big part in determining who’s gonna win a game. For example, when manchester united is playing Arsenal at Old Trafford, there’s high likelihood that they will win given the fact that the gunners have had dismal results there over the last decade or so.
  • Team Morale. Team morale also affects the outcome of a football match. When a team is low on morale chances are that it will loose.
  • Team strength. The strength of a team is also something you need to consider. Surely you won’t expect Manchester City to loose to bottom club Aston Villa although it happens sometimes.

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