Football Predictions and How to Win on Sportpesa

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Sportpesa is one of the most reliable bookies in Kenya for sports betting. Who doesn’t love football predictions? Before Match Day, it has become trendy to predict the results of football matches. Be it in a website, social media, football forums or among friends, most people like to predict football matches. Nothing makes a football predictors’ day than if the predictions are right. What if you could predict nine out of ten matches correctly? Better still, what if you could predict ten out of ten correct?

When it comes to the science of football predictions, you can use the following guidelines to increase your chances of winning a bet on sportpesa:

  • Fitness

    Players, whether key or not, must be in their best form or shape. Every sport brings with it the risk of injury. Most of the times, players that were previously injured don’t play as well as they used to prior to their injury. Therefore, you might need to think about such a player together with the team you are betting on.


  • Venue

    Homegrown teams tend to be more comfortable when playing in their own field. Therefore, find out where the upcoming game is and the participating teams. The odds are even if the venue is not in either of the teams’ participating. In most cases, the home team has a better chance of winning.

  • Statistics

    The question you should ask yourself is, how many teams did a team win within the past few games or tournaments? How many goals did the team score? Who were the key players? How many goals did each of the players score? The answers to these questions should give you a clue on a teams’ performance in the upcoming game.

  • Key players – Do you have a favorite team? If yes, then you definitely have a favorite player. In most instances, it is natural to want to have as much information as possible on the most valuable player. At times, you monitor and focus on their successes, mishaps, scores, and improvements.
  • Coaches – Although not at all times, the success of a good number of teams lays on the hands of a coach. This is another statistic you might want to look into… The approach of a coach towards a game as well as its players is very important to the players themselves. You might have heard player’s speeches, thanking their coach primarily. Coaches inspire their players to do well. If a coach has led the team to success, chances are high that they will surely succeed.

For sure, being a fan is fun. Enjoying the game does not mean it is a must you become a player. Football predictions and winning with sportpesa is part of the fun

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