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Betin Kenya Contact Information

Punters can reach betin by emailing them on [email protected]. Better yet, they can connect with betin on their social media platforms facebook (Betin Kenya) and twitter @BetinKenya. For those seeking agency services, the email to use is [email protected]. Note that Betin is owned locally by Gamcode Ltd located at Sameer Business Park, Mombasa Road Block D, First Floor, Unit D2; Nairobi. They are yet to start a 24/7 telephone line through which their customers can access customer care services but they reply emails pretty quick thus it’s not really a problem as long as you have internet access.

Registration has the easiest way of signing up. All one needs to do is visit their site on mobile or desktop and fill in a form that requires among other things full names, phone number and email address, kinda like how one signs up for facebook and other social sites. There are no deposits or SMS short codes involved making it very direct and easy. They also have the easiest way of retrieving one’s login credentials in case they are forgotten. Just by clicking “forgot password”, one is only required to fill in their phone number and email address and their login details are immediately resent via email. Note that they do not ask you to reset your password but just resend them for immediate use. Pretty easy, huh?

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing on is as easy as in any bookie. Simply go to Lipa na mpesa, insert paybill number 997270 and leave the next field (account number) blank. The good thing with Betin is that they update the money in your account very fast and thus there’s no long waits before you place your bet. There is no current arrangement with other telecommunication companies such as Airtel and Orange and it’s interesting to see whether such an arrangement will be arrived at soon. When it comes to withdrawing, it’s also as easy as depositing. One simply logs into their betin account and goes to the “my accounts” tab and selects withdrawals. There will be a space to fill in the amount they want to withdraw as well as the phone number they want the money to go to. Betin allows stakes from as little as Kshs 50 to Kshs 500,000. The maximum payout is 10 Million Kenyan Shillings, a substantial amount highlighting their financial muscle. Overall, a good bookie, simple to use for the internet savvy.

Pros &Cons

Every bookmaker has their strong and weak points that define their customer base and brand positioning. Here is a glimpse of the advantages of betting via vis a vis the inconveniences that come with choosing the bookie.

Pros has the highest variety of sports and betting markets. Unlike most bookies who only have soccer bets, betin offers over 12 sports, including tennis, horse racing, basketball, handball, virtual games and even American football. Further, Betin has more betting markets with a diversity of bets being offered within a variety of segments. For instance, in the goals market, one can go for over 7 different bets ranging from Under/Over 0.5 to Under/ Over 5.5. Live betting is also an exclusive market to betin in Kenya with very few bookies like attempting to offer the same. has also got very responsive customer care service. Not too long ago, one could only withdraw from betin by emailing the customer care which was kinda tedious but they always respond in time thus there are no much delays. Their sign up process is also easy to follow and withdrawals are prompt at last. For the internet savvy, is the perfect bookie to work with as there is less hassle with most of their online processes.

Those looking to place high stakes and earn lots of money also have to consider using Betin. Being a subsidiary of the large Goldbet group, gives the comfort of mind that they are able to pay no matter how large the winnings are. They entertain stakes of up to 500,000 and set a maximum payout of 10 million Kenyan shillings, high figures that give punters peace of mind that their winnings will be settled no matter how big they are.


One of the biggest problems with is the lack of SMS betting. There is a large amount of customers who would love to bet via SMS but betin has only got online services meaning that these customers are locked out. Moreover, sometimes there’s poor internet connectivity or the site gets slow due to overloading sometimes (too many users during weekends) and SMS betting would be a fantastic bailout for punters. Betin need to address that situation asap.

Use of Mpesa as the sole financial partner is also limiting to punters. Airtel and Orange money also need to be brought on board as many customers prefer them. The attractiveness of these telecommunication companies lies in their less carrier fees compared to those of Mpesa from Safaricom in depositing and withdrawals. There’s also need to introduce SMS withdrawals such that consumers won’t need to login online to withdraw their funds.

Finally, though their customer care is great, I think Betin needs a 24/7 telephone line that punters can call and receive assistance without much ado. As much as they are reliable via email, there’s need to have a form of verbal communication which is easily accessible at all times. This will create a stronger bond with their clients.

Markets offered by

Betin has undoubtedly the largest variety of markets offered in Kenya by bookies. Given that they already have a variety of sports offered, their diversity of markets is very large and cannot be concluded exhaustively in this writing. Thus, I will only focus on the area with majority of punters, soccer. You will be amazed by the number of markets this bookie is offering under just the football category. A good punter should always find a winning bet type in this diversity. Compare Betin markets with your current bookie and marvel on their uncountable choices that might just make you migrate.
Goals market
Though all bookies have bets under this market, most bookies including Elitebet and Sportpesa only give over and under bets from 2.5 goals to 3.5. Their lowest stretch is the ist half under 1.5 goals and the higher side is FT over 3.5 goals. However, Betin has broken these limits and gone beyond ,offering ist half over/under 0.5 goals at the lower side. On the higher side, they offer up to over 5.5 goals at great odds. You can also bet on both halfs to be over/under 1.5 goals. This area alone offers over 10 different bets.
Haftime bets
Most bookies only offer HT 1×2 bets in the country. Betin on the other hand offers up to correct scores (though sportpesa has that too), Double chance (DC), Draw no bet (DNB), Total goals, Goal- No goal, goals market Over/under from 0.5-2.5 and Odd/ Even goals by half time. Again, quite a few markets are offered by Betin in a single category.
Home/ Away bets
This is another category of bets that are lacking in other bookies but are exclusive to Here, you can bet on the home/away side to win both halves, Home no bet, which means that if the home side either wins or draws your stake is safe, odd/even goals home and away, U/O 2.5 goals for home/away. There are more complicated picks here like high scoring half home/ Away and Home / Away to score in both halfs. Again , wide variety of picks available.
This is a term used to refer to a combination of two bets merged into one. Under this category, we have several bets such as Home/Away & O/U 2.5 goals, Home/ Away HT and O/U 0.5 goals, Win to Nil, Win margin, first goal & 1×2 and so forth. The options in this category are also very diverse, but the basic concept is combining more than one bet.
Special and common bets
Betin also offers quite a few special bets . For example, one can bet on the ist substitution, ist min goal or HT substitution. On top of this, has most of the common bets that are found in other bookies such as 1×2, DC, handicap, haftime/fulltime, goal-No goal, Total goals, Multigoals and so forth. Thus, betting using this bookie not only gifts you the normal bets you are used to but adds more varieties to help you choose the best. A warning must be heed though , that hopping around all markets will lead to losses. Punters should specialize (eg on goals, HT/FT ) instead of betting across all categories.

Variety of sports offered by Betin

When one hears about a bookie in Kenya many at times what comes to their mind is betting on football on a limited range of leagues. This is not so with Betin, who offer the widest variety of sports to bet on, as well as the highest number of markets to choose from. Basically, there are 3 main categories of sports, namely mainstream sports ,virtual bets and Casino games.
Mainstream Sports.
These include football, volleyball, basketball, Tennis, horse racing, Motorsport, American football, Baseball, handball, Ice hockey, cricket , golf and many others. I think being a child of the global company Goldbet group can be attributed to the presence of many games falling under mainstream sports that one can bet on. Just under football, there are very interesting picks on specials, such as the next FIFA president, Jose Mourinho special and the first team to score in a competition. Moreover, there is live betting for a number of events especially in soccer where the odds fluctuate throughout until the final whistle. This is awesome for punters who bet while watching the game and look out for trends to determine staking. Such fans cum punters have a great chance to win with live betting, which is exclusive to The least amount of stake in most categories is kshs 50 eg racing and soccer.
Virtual Betting
One of the unique features of Betin is the presence of simulated sports where you find virtual football, racing, tennis and dogs. These are not real events happening in actuality but computerized games being played online by the bookie. One has several markets to bet on especially in virtual football where one can stake on correct scores, handicaps, winner, etc. In tennis, one simply needs to select which player will win the set. Similarly, in horse racing, one is just supposed to stake on which horse they think will win the race. The same applies to the virtual dogs. A variety of odds is given for each sport and punters can learn here and make good money out of these sports.
Casino Games
Well, just like any heavyweight bookie, has casino games. Here, they offer a variety of segments such as Tables and card games, scratchcards, slots and draws and numbers. There are many games under each category thus is an excellent online casino. If you like to go and play cards in the Casino, no need to anymore, you can do it all online on
Editors note:
The availability of a variety of sports categories including virtual betting should make it easier for punters to make money. However, sites like betin with many options can also tempt punters into staking across many categories leading to gross losses. Thus, it is important to specialize in an area that one feels best suited for. Hopping from one category to another especially when one does not understand that category can lead to hefty losses. Punters are advised to exercise discipline, and select their best areas as a result. See, there are enough market options in each sport.

Why chose Betin over sportpesa and other bookies

This segment looks at why one would prefer to use Betin as their bookie as opposed to others. It gives not just the pros, but the situations and preferences that define a Betin customer. If you are looking for any of the listed below add ons, then Betin is the place to be.
Betting of a different sport besides soccer
I was shocked to realize that Kenya has very experienced punters who have been in the trade for a long time, and do not necessarily bet on soccer. There are racing customers, volleyball and tennis and I believe a survey would discover many other customers under different categories. Most local bookies are centered on football, and if one is that different customer, they have to shift to They have the best odds and type of bets under these new sports and thus are the best choice when one seeks to veer off from mainstream soccer betting.
Internet savvy punters
Most of the Betting actions on their site eg registration, betting, withdrawal, account statements and password change are performed online. To be precise, does not have any form of SMS betting , be it withdrawal or placing bets .There is a crop of punters that find SMS betting confusing and too complicated adding on new pins, symbols etc. If you’re this type of customer, your home is betin where everything is done strictly online. Customer care is very responsive via email and answers within 5-10 mins at most. Any other action can be pulled off by the punter at their discretion as long as they have an internet connection.
Site stability
Most punters would agree with me that Saturdays and Sundays can be frustrating for them. There’s high traffic on betting sites due to many league games being played over the weekend and as a result of the overloading,many bookie sites are unavailable.Its normally a very painful process for a punter, having analyzed their bets and now being unable to place is the most formidable website in Kenya with the best safety protocols and stability. No matter the amount of traffic, the site has enough capacity to cater for all traffic .Tired of all these site unavailability inconviniences on D-day? Migrate to today!
Live betting
This is an area that many soccer punters crave for. The ability to bet on an ongoing event is highly desired by many football punters as they watch and follow up these games and can be able to tell the most likely events looking at how a game is proceeding. Well, in the Kenyan betting industry, only one foreign bookie has attempted to introduce live betting but other complications with their service has left punters skeptical about them and frustrated. however provides the ist credible service , reliable and real time for live bets. Soccer punters should be happy in this area as there is a variety of bets offered, ranging from handicaps, ist team to score, ist goal before HT and so forth. Generally, is defined by variety, so if you are not the kind of limited punter, explore at

Verdict: is a good bookie, that has positioned itself like an international bookie(Bet365/Paddypower/Landbrokes) whose all activities are internet based. Though in the local setting this would inconvenience many, internet savvy punters are likely to savour their best moments with

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